The University Senate:

Under the law of the University of Kordofan, 1990, 1995 amendment the Senate is comprised of:

  1. The Vice- Chancellor.
  2. The Deputy Vice - Chancellor.
  3. The Principal.
  4. The Deans of the Faculties and the Dean of the Students Affairs.
  5. The Chief Librarian.
  6. The Directors of Institutes and Centers.
  7. Heads of the Departments and Training Units.
  8. All Faculty members whose rank is professor.
  9. One representative for each school, institute or center that do not have sections.
  10. Two members representing the students to be selected by the students union.
  11. The Dean of the scientific Affairs
  12. Deputy of Deans if any.

The tasks and authorization of the Senate:

  1. To submit proposals to the University Senate on the conditions and qualifications required for admission of students to the University.
  2. To organize programs of study and examinations to be held in accordance with regulations of University basic system.
  3. To develop plans to organize colleges, schools, institutes departments and training units. To modify reconsider and determine the materials that all the educational units mentioned above teach or instruct, as well as to report to the University Senate about the need for establishing any college, school or institute or training units or about the need to council, integrate or split any of them.
  4. To grant academic degrees for persons who have successfully accomplished studies specified by the regulations.
  1. To grant honorary degrees and scientific a wards to persons who are entitled in accordance with provisions and regulations.
  2. To a wand the title of professor of privilege.
  3. To report to the University Senate any order referred by it.
  4. To encourage scientific research and promulgate them.
  5. To approve extra studies program.
  6. To create scientific boards or any special committees whenever it is deemed appropriate, and to assign to them any authority.
  7. To recommend to the University Council the conditions and the scientific basis for appointment and promotion of faculty staff.
  8. To take appropriate accountability procedures recommended by accountability committees against those convicted of branch of honor in matters of scientific works if committed by members of University staff or students or any person who has been a warded scientific degrees. The Senate has the right to deprive any of them of all privileges once granted by the Senate.
  1. The Senate is entitled to issue the regulations needed to help it under the provisions of the University law has been signed by the Head of the Senate unless any later date is stipulated.

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