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 In the Name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

University of Kordofan

Law of the University of Kordofan for the year 1995

Pursuing the provisions of the article 37 of fifth constitutional Decree of 1991 the President of the Republic issued the following temporary decree:

Chapter one

Preliminary provision

This temporary decree is called The Law of the University of Kordofan for the 1995 and shall be put into action when signed.

Cancellation and exception

  1. The law cancels the law of the University of Kordofan issued in 1990. The consequences of this cancellation should not include the statues and regulations issued according to its provisions and should be actionable as if equaled issued ofaccording to its provisions.

  2. The University of Kordofan is subject to High Education and Scientific Research Regulation act of 1990 and its provisions prevail when they conflict of with the provisions of this law.


In this law, unless the context leads to another meaning the followings meanings are intended:

  • Student’s Union: is the Student’s Union of the University.

  • Library: is the official responsible before the Vice chancellor for the University library.

  • Academic Secretary: is the Academic Secretary appointed according to the provisions of Article (21).

  • The University is the University established according to A of 4(1).

  • University of Kordofan: is the University of Kordofan established according to cancelled law of University of Kordofan of 1990 and the provisions of Law of University of Kordofan law for the year 1995.

  • Graduate: is any person given an academic degree by Professor’s Board.

  • Chairman of the council: is the chairman of the University Council, appointed according to provisions of Article (1).

  • Sponsor: is the sponsor stipulated in Article 7(1).

  • Student is: any person registered in the University for any Academic Degree conferred by Professor Board.

  • Workers include staff members, teaching assistants and all officials and labors s in the University.

  • Dean of Students Affairs: is the Dean of the Student Affairs of the University, appointed according to Article 19(1).

  • Department of Training Unit: is any teaching research or training Unit approved by the Council through recommendation of Professor’s Board according to the statues as an in department entity.

  • Faculty: is a unit established by the council according to the provisions to the Law, including many departments or teaching, research or training units, also includes the post graduate faculty and other faculty affiliated to the University assigned by the Council through the recommendation of Professors Board.

  • Committee: is the Financial and Executive Affairs Committee established according to the provisions of Act 13.

  • Charters: refer to charters issued by the Council or professions Board according to this Law.

  • Council: is the University Council established according to the provisions of Act 8(1).

  • Professor’s Board: is Professors of the University established according to Act (24).

  • National Council: is the National Council of High Education and Scientific Research.

  • School: is any independent academic Unit by this Council for teaching research or training according to the provisions of this law.

  • Vice. Chancellor: is the vice. Chancellor of the University appointed in accordance of the Article 15.

  • Teaching Assistant: include teaching Assistants.

  • University Hospital: is the Hospital approved by the Council according to Article 30.

  • Institute or Center: any independent academic Unit or a Unit department on faculty established by the Council for teaching, research or training according to this law.

  • Dean: Dean appointed according to Article 22.

  • Deputy Vice Chancellor: is Deputy Vic Chancellor of the University appointed in accordance with provision of Act. 12(1).

  • Statute: are the statutes issued by the Council according to this law.

  • Staff: includes professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors. Lecturer, librarian and his assistants.

  • The Minister: is the Minister of High Education & Scientific Research.

  • Principal: is the Principal of the University appointed according to the provisions of act 18(1).

Chapter two

The University establishment, location and logo of the University

  1. The University comes the name “University of Kordofan” which is an academic, Institution with legal personality.

  2. Location is El Obeid City.

  3. It comprises the Council, Workers, Students and graduates.

  4. It shall have a logo that shall be approved by the Council.

Aims of the University:

Within the general policy of the Government and the programs put by the National Council, the University works in acquiring the knowledge and developingcurculio and spreading it with the aim of serving the country developing its resources and seeking its prosperity intellectually, scientifically, and economically, socially and culturally, with regard to full commitment to all issues above, the University works to realize the following objectives

  1. Asserting the National Identify and organizing it through the curricula put forward and applied by the University.

  2. Conducing scientific and applied researches related to the needs various and renewing needs of the community in the context of serving and developing it.

  3. Innovating teaching and utilizing it for serving Universities and High Education and Scientific Research Institutions in the country.

  4. Care for Sudanese environment in general and North Kordofan environment in particular, and rehabilitating capable cadres capable of promoting it and solving state problems related to environment.

  5. Interacting with country side citizen understanding his problems and recognizing his knowledge and experience and collaborating with him to develop them according to his needs and values.

  6. Carrying for human development issues and thought and religious value.

  7. Attention to agricultural, medical and animal Sciences in the context of carrying for development of Sudan in general.

  8. Preparing students for awarding academic certificates

Freedom of Creed, thought and Scientific Research and non-discrimination

  1. Staff members, teaching assistants, students in the University enjoy freedom of thought and Scientific Research under the Law and constitution.

  2. No Sudanese shall be deprived of joining the University as a student or official in the basis of creed, race or sex.

The sponsor of the University

  1. The President of the Republic is to be the sponsor of the University.

  2. The sponsor of the University has the right to inquire any informational related to the University has the right to inquire any information related to the University. The Administration of the University must present that information.

  3. The sponsor of the University presides its celebration when present.

Chapter Three

Institution of the University Establishment and Formation of University Council

A council is to be established with the name “University Council” and to be formed as follows:

  1. Chairman of the Council.

  2. The ex-office members:

(1st ) Vice-chancellor

(2nd ) Deputy Vice-chancellor

(3rd ) Principal, who shall be reporter of the Council

(4th ) Dean of the Student’s Affairs

(5th ) Academic Secretary

(6th ) Secretary Librarian

  1. Members to be chosen from within the University:

(1st) Eight members to be chosen by Professors Board of which three of least should be Dean’s Faculties.

(2nd ) Three workers of which two are non-staff members.

(3rd ) Two members to be chosen by the Student’s Union including the president of the Union.

  1. Members from outside the University:

  1. Twenty one members specialize efficient and interested in High Education and National issues from outside University to be appointed by on recommendation of the Minister.

  2. The term of the Council is four years from the date of its formation.

  3. Regulations specify cases of vacant seats of Council members and how to fill those seats.

Responsibilities and Authorities of the Council

The Council seeks to achieve the purposes of the University Scientific Research of 1990 and it has on behalf of the University and in the name of it the right to conduct all necessary work to realize its purposes within the frame work of the National Policy for the High Education and Scientific Research and without violating generality of any of the foregoing be the its specialties and authorities as follows:

  1. Making policies and plans for the development of the University and improving its performance scientifically, educationally, administratively and financially and updating its working methods and techniques.

  2. Discussing the proposals of annual budgets of University raised to by the committee and approve it and following up the implementation of the budget including the final report and final account preparation and publishing it.

  3. Putting a plan for the University development, approving the development budget proposals and submitting them to the National Council.

  4. Establishment of colleges, schools, institute, Centers, department, University Hospital and any investment institution and determining location for them within the University or anywhere else in the country or submitting a recommendation to the competent authority to be converted to any other University and accepting the ----- of colleges and institutes and giving their members the right to enjoy any of advantages of the University and all that is awing to the recommendation of the University Senate.

  5. To recommend to the National council the conditions and regulations of the educational qualifications required to accept students for University studies.

  6. Determine the number of students with academic specialties and providing necessary resources for in the framework of policies decided by National Council.

  7. Developing policies of tuition fees in accordance with standards established by the National Council.

  8. Creation jobs to appoint workers or cancelling them and proposing conditions under which appointment promotion and accounting shall take place and submitting them to the National Council for approval.

  9. Approving the annual report submitted by the Vice-chancellor about the academic, administrative and financial performance of the University and publishing it.

  10. Take possessions in the name of the University of any properties, movable or real estate, maintain and depose of it in any way taking into account the legal right of the National Council to issue any directives in this regard.

  11. Developing University funds and investing them by contributing in comparing or partnership or any offer projects and disposition of revenue, taking into account the legal right of the National Council to issue any directives in this regard.

  12. Organizing the University account and making sure there are true book for those accounts keeping records of all money relieved and disposed by University, assets and liabilities, so that these books can give an accurate­­­­_____ of financial state and explain transactions as determined by this law and the statutes and regulation.

  13. Acceptance of voluntary donations, endowments bequests and others and determine areas of exploiting them provided that never negate objectives of the University and taking in account the terms of the donor.

  14. To borrow what is need of money from time to time to do run the work so in quarreled of any moveable or real estate’s under the University ownership.

  15. Awarding non academic reward to efficient personalities according to regulations.

  16. Issuing statue and regulations necessary to carry out its work and implementation of its terms of reference and exercising powers according to the regulations. These statues and regulation are actionable when signed by president of the Council unless they stipulate another date.

  17. Delegate any of its powers except construction authorities, cancellation and issuance of chairman, Vice chancellor, Professors Council or any of its committees.

  18. Composition of any interim committees to assist it in carrying out its duties wherever thought to be necessary.

Responsibility of the Council

The Council shall be responsible beforethe Chancellor through the Minister for its performance.

Council Meetings
  1. The Council shall hold meeting at least biennially to perform its duties in time and place decided by the chairman of the Council in each term after consulting the Vic-chancellor. The chairman the council can call for an extraordinary meeting wherever he receives a written request from the Vic-chancellor from majority of the council members.

  2. The quorum for the meeting of the council is the person of more than half of the members and this is true even if a quorum does not appoint some members till it appoints them decisions shall be taken according to this quorum.

  3. The council may invent any person to attend any of its meeting or meetings of any of its committees without having a right to vote.

Chairman of the Board
  1. The Chairman of the Board is to be appointed by the Chancellor “The president of Sudan” according to a recommendation of the Minister.

  2. The Chairman of the Board shall have the following functions:

  1. Presides the council and takes initiatives to ensure achievement of the purpose of the University.

  2. Assist in whatever might strength links between the council and the other institutions and bodies.

  3. Presides the committee.

  1. In case of absence of the Chairman of the Board in any of its meeting, the council elects one of its members from outside the University to Chairman that meeting.

Establishments and formation of the committee of Executive and financial Affairs

Committee of the executive and financial affairs is to be established and formed in the following way:

  1. President of council as the Chairman.

  2. Vice-chancellor as Deputy Chairman.

  3. Deputy Vice-chancellor as a member.

  4. Principal as a member and Reporter.

  5. Financial controller as a member.

  6. Four members chosen by the council from among its members from within the University.

  7. Five members selected by the council from among its members from outside the University.

Responsibilities and power of the committee

The committee in addition to the powers conferred upon it by the statutes shall have the following responsibilities and authorities:

  1. Preparing budget proposals of the University annually and submitting it to the council. It should contain estimates of University revenue for the next financial year and estimates of expenses and preparing final accounts for the previous year including expenses discounted from the reserve and preparation of any additional estimates and submitting all that to the council.

  2. Inviting any person to any of its meetings without having a right to vote.

The Vice-chancellor

The University shall have a Vice-chancellor with high academic qualification to be appointed by the Chancellor on recommendation of the Minister for four years according to the service conditions established by statute.

Responsibilities and Authorities of the Vice-Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor is the first academic and executive responsible person for the University performance and for the work to realize its purposes, complying with statutes and current regulations and policies of the council. He is responsible before الراعى through the Minister and without violating generality responsibilities and authorities:

  1. Orientating academic, educational, administrative and financial performance of the University and improving its administrative concepts and its techniques and innovating methods and procedures guarantee alt mot utilization of its potentialities according to the policies established by the council.

  2. Maintain University system.

  3. Presiding Professor’s Council and the Committee branching from it, and committees for appointing teaching staff members and their promotion and any other committees according to the statutes.

  4. Representing University and speaking on behalf it before other institution and establishment.

  5. Presenting comprehensive council report on academic, administrative and financial performance of the University and publishing it after the approval of the council.

  6. Applying to the council requesting issuance of statues, he can also appeal to Professor’s Council for issuing regulation when necessary.

Deputy Vice-chancellor

  1. The University shall have a deputy vice-chancellor with high scientific qualification to be appointed on recommendation of the Minister after consulting the Vice-chancellor for four years from according to service conditions stated by the statute.

  2. Deputy Vice-chancellor shall assist the Vice-chancellor in performing his duties and he shall have the duties and power prescribed by the statute.

  3. Deputy Vice-chancellor will undertake the burdens of the Vice-chancellor in case of his absence or failure to be able to do or if his post become vacant according to the provision of the statute and regulations.

The Principal

  1. The Chairman of the Council shall appoint according to a recommendation of the Vice-chancellor a principal of the University from among one of teaching staff members or senior administrative according to provisions and regulation.

  2. The Principal will take his post for term of four years and may be re-appointed.

  3. The Principal is responsible before the Council for administrative and financial performance of the University according to the provisions.

  4. The Principal shall keep the general University seal and special file of all properties of the University.

Dean of Student’s Affairs

  1. Chairman of the council shall appoint one of teaching staff members in the University a Dean of or Student’s Affairs on a recommendation of the Vic-chancellor.

  2. Dean of Student’s Affairs shall occupy his post for a term of four years and may be reappointed.

  3. Statutes shall determine the terms of reference and duties of the Dean of Student’s Affairs.

  4. The Dean of Student’s Affairs shall be responsible before Vice-chancellor for what duties entrusted to him from the Council, Professors’ Board, or Council or Students Affairs so as to help students get utmost academic educational, cultural and social benefit through their affiliation to the University by observing regulation, good conduct within and outside the University.


  1. Chairman of the Council shall appoint on recommendation of Vice-chancellor or Librarian Secretary.

  2. Librarian Secretary shall occupy for position for a term to be decided by the regulations.

  3. Statutes and regulation will determine specialties, duties and employment conditions of librarian secretary.

  4. Librarian shall be responsible before the Vice-chancellor for executing his responsibilities and performing his duties.

Secretary of Academic Affairs

  1. Chairman of the Council shall appoint one of members of teaching staff in the University as Secretary of Academic Affairs based on recommendation of the Vice-chancellor.

  2. Statutes and regulations shall determine the specialties and duties of Academic Affairs Secretary.

  3. Secretary Academic Affairs holds office for the period specified in the regulations.

Deans of Colleges, Schools, Institutes and Centers

  1. Every College, School, Institute or Center shall have dean or director to be appointed by the Chairman of the Council based on a recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor after consulting Board or facility school, institute or center and shall be chosen according to highness of academic certificates and length of --------------.

  2. Dean of Faculty, school, institute or center shall take office for a term of four year and can be re-appointed only once more only.

  3. Dean of Faculty, school, institute or center shall be responsible before the Vie-chancellor for duties entrusted to him according to the provisions of the statute.

  4. Chairman of the Council shall appoint one of staff member as a dean of post graduate college if any based on recommendation of the Vice-chancellor taking in consideration of professorship is to be taken in selection.

  5. Dean of post-graduate studies college (if any) shall take position for a term of four years and can be re-appointed for just second term only.

  6. Dean of post graduate studies college shall be responsible before the Vice-chancellor or for duties entrusted to him according to the provisions of the statutes.

  7. Vice-chancellor may appoint a Deputy Dean, if necessary after consulting the Dean of that particular Faculty.

Head Departments or Training Units

  1. Any department or training shall have a head to be appointed by Vice-chancellor based on a recommendation of the dean in charge taking in consideration highness of academic rank.

  2. Head of department or training unit shall take his position for three years and can be reappointed for another term.

  3. Head of department or training centre shall be responsible before the vice-chancellor through the dean of faculty concerned for duties entrusted to him according to the provisions of the statutes and regulations.

Establishment and formation of Professor’s Board

Board of the Professors of the University is to established and formed as follows:

  1. Vice-chancellor: Chairman

  2. Deputy Vice-chancellor Member

  3. Principal Member

  4. Deans of colleges, school, and deans of Students Affairs Members

  5. Librarian Member

  6. Directors of institutes and Centers Members

  7. Heads of department and training Unites Members

  8. Staff members with Professorship Members

  9. One representative of each school, institute and center not belonging to departments – one representative for seven members of its teaching staff.

  10. Two members representing students chosen by the students Union Member

  11. Secretary of Academic Affairs in the University Member and reporter

  12. Deputy-Deans (if any) Members

Specialties and Authorities of Professors Board

In addition to any specialties or any authorities contained in this act the specialties and powers of the Councils of Professors area as follows:

  1. Submission of proposal to the council concerning establishment of conditions and regulations for required academic qualifications for student’s acceptance for study in the University.

  2. General organization of University examinations to be taken according to the provisions of the statutes.

  3. Developing plans governing college, schools, institutes, centers and departments and training Units modifying and reconsidering and deterring subjects ++++ that each above unit mentioned is specialized to teach in addition to reporting the council on a necessity of establishing any new college, school, institute, center, department or training unit, or any necessary cancellation of any or merger or splitting them.

  4. Grating academic degree for people who have successfully studies adopted by the regulations.

  5. Granting of honorary degrees and academic degrees to people who are considered worthy of them in accordance of the provisions of regulation.

  6. Giving the title of professor of privilege (Distinctive professor).

  7. Reporting to the council any issue entrusted to it.

  8. Encouraging and promotion scientific researches authorship publishing.

  9. Approving additional studies programs.

  10. Establishment and formation whoever it sees is suitable of scientific board special committees with delegating any of them any authority to practice except the authority of granting academic certificates.

  11. Making recommendations to the council concerning conditions and academic (bases) for the appointment of and promotion of teaching staff members.

  12. Taking suitable accounting procedures based on recommendations of committees formed against those convicted of breach of honor of academic work among teaching staff members or students of the University or those who has awarded academic or honorary certificates.

  13. Depriving any person on convicted of crime involving moral deviation or thought to have been shameful conduct or branch of any of honor of any academic certificate it has conferred upon him, as well as depriving him of all privilege he enjoyed by virtue that certificate.

The University Senate shall issue necessary regulations to practice work and execute its specialists and ­­­­­­­­____authorities granted to it under the provisions of this law, and these regulation shall be put into action when signed by the chairman of the University Senate unless it stipulate any later date.

Meetings of the University Senate

  1. University Senate meets once at least in each semester at the times and places designated by the chairman and he has a right to call at any time four any emergency meeting.

  2. Deputy Vice-chancellor presides the meetings of the University Senate during the absence of the Vice-chancellor in case of the absence of Deputy Vice-chancellor the University Senate selects one of its members to preside the meetings.

  3. University Senate may invite any person to attend any meeting without having a right to vote.

Faculty Boards, Schools, Institutes, Centers and their specialties

  1. Any every college, school, institute or center shall have a council to be formed and to organize its duties according to provision of statutes and regulation.

  2. In addition to the terms of reference stipulated in the Council Board of colleges, school, institute or center shall have the following specialties:

  1. Preparation of plans and programs related to implementation of curricula and examinations and co-ordination between recommendations to the University Senate.

  2. Making recommendations to the University Senate around the regulation concerning curricula for obtaining academic certificates and other issues related to academic activity.

  3. Making recommendation to University Senate to grant academic degrees (not honorary degrees) as well as granting awards.

  4. Nominating persons to the University Senate to be appointed as examiners and encouraging scientific research and promoting it.

  5. Consideration of any matter relating to the scientific tasks as forwarded from the Board Professors or council of post graduate college and reporting it.

  6. Raising all the academic matter related to graduate studies to University Senate through Dean of post graduate college.

  1. Councils of colleges, institutes, schools and centers may issue regulations not conflicting with any valid rules issued from council of students for observance of system and good conduct among students in places of study.

Council for departments and training units

  1. In any department or training unit a council shall be established presided by the head of the department or training unit with the membership of all teaching staff members of the department or training unit.

  2. In addition to the duties included in the statutes and regulations, the council of department and training unit shall have the duty of organizing the academic and administrative activities under the supervision of faculty, school, institute or center councils.

Council of Students Affairs

A council of Student’s Affairs shall be established presided by the vice-chancellor and the statutes shall specify its specialties, duties and process its form action and organization off its work.

Council of University Hospitals

The council supports the University hospitals and establishes a council for each University hospital according to the statutes to direct it.

University publishing House

There shall be a publishing house for the University whose purposes and way performance to be specified by the statutes.

Board of University Institutions

There shall be other University institutions whose purposes and method of performance shall be specified by the statutes.

Chapter four

Financial Provisions and Auditing

  1. The financial resources of the University are composed of its investments its own resources, credits specialized by the government and the grants, subsidies, endowments and the bequests accepted by the council.

  2. University fund shall be deposited in the University current account or deposit accounts in banks in Sudan approved by nominated by the council.

  3. University funds are cashed to achieve its purposes in accordance with the provisions of the financial regulations.

  4. Statement of accounts of the budget and list of University funds and subtraction (discounts) are to be audited on the last day of the financial year by auditor general, and the Vice-chancellor submits auditor general report to the council.

Chapter five

Final provisions appointing staff

Statutes issued by the council determine the way of appointing all the University employees.

The right appeal

Any person who prejudiced by any procedure taken under the provision of this law shall have a right of appeal to the destination specified by the statutes.

Pension money

It may be provided in the statutes the contribution of the University with any money for the pension or another project for the benefit of University employees.

Transitional provision

  1. Any contract, agreement or commitment signed by University of Kordofan before the recommencement of this law shall remain valid as if it is signed by the University with accordance with the provisions of this law.

  2. Without prejudice to the generality of the provisions of subjection the University faculties that used to belong to University of Kordofan which geographically located in the state of North Kordofan and all funds owned or which have fallen to it or any properties or other funds as determined by the Minister shall devolve t the University of Kordofan.

  3. Employee who was in service in the University before issuance of this law shall continue in service with the same previous service conditions.

Proof of validity of the statues and regulations

Any statute or regulation may be proved valid in any court by showing a signed copy of any witnessed by chairman of the council, Vice-chancellor or the Principal.

Issued under my signature on the seventh day of the month of Dhu-al Hijjah of the year 1415 corresponding to the seventh day the month of May 1995.

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