Political Science

031216usDr. EI-Kheir Omer Suliman, visiting scholar in Political Science, gave the first public lecture of his appointment. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion and the Department of Political Science co-sponsored Suliman's talk titled "Political Threats to National Security in Light of the Arab Spring." Suliman's presentation focused on the areas of North Africa and the Middle East and examined the spread of extremist groups throughout the region. During the discussion following the presentation, Suliman said he believes many extremist groups use religion as a veil; their true motivations are political, specifically resource-driven. He also noted that governments in these regions, whether existing or new, must find ways to allow the voices of their people to be heard or risk further threat by extremist groups. Suliman is an associate professor Political Science at Kordofan University in Sudan and advisor for the Center for Strategic Studies in Qatar.


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