University of Kordofan is a national governmental University with regard to ongoing policies, admission and funding. The university is located in Elobeid City, capital of the state of North Kordofan. It has its own personality, logo and seal .

Main Objectives:

  1. Aquiring, teaching, developing and disseminating knowledge in order to serve the country development and its renaissance intellectually, scientifically , economically and culturally.
  2. Assuring freedom of the nation and establishing it through deveploping and applying the required curricula by the university.
  3. Running applied research to serve the various needs of the community in order to revitalize it.
  4. Providing technical innovations to be utilized to serve the community in collaboration with other Sudanese universities and institutions of higher education and scientific research in other countries.
  5. Emphasizing Sudanese environment in general and North Kordofan State in particular through developing capacity building prorams directed for university staff members to enable them to upgrade and resolve the environmental aspects of the State.
  6. Interacting with the rural communities through understanding and recognizing their problems in the light of their needs, indeginous knowledge and values.
  7. Developing interest in agriculture, medicine, and animal sciences within the context of Sudan development.
  8. Care of human development, intelectual and religious values.
  9. Qualifying students and awarding them the needed certificates.

The university supports freedom of religions, thought and scientific research and assert non-discrimination among their students and staff on the basis of creed, race or sex.