The Deputy Vice Chancellor:

The chancellor of the University, the President of the Republic, appoints the Deputy Vice Chancellor, who should possess high qualification for duration of four years upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, after consulting the Vice Chancellor of the University.


  1. To assist the Vice Chancellor in performing his duties.
  2. To act as Vice Chancellor in his absence, in case of disability or vacancy of Vice Chancellors’ position

Panels of honor of Deputy Vice- Chancellors of the University of Kordofan:

No. Name From To Duration
  1. 1.
Dr. Osman Adam Osman 28/10/1990 11/3/1997 6.4 Years
  1. 2.
Dr. Mohamed Khier A.Moh. 12/3/1997 22/9/2005

8.5 Years

  1. 3.
Dr. El Bushra Ahmed Doumi 22/9/2005 14/6/2009 3.8 Years