The administrative system of the University

The administrative system of the University is founded on three basic levels:

  1. The University Senate which legislates the general policy.
  2. The executive administration of the University which consists of the vice- chancellor deputy, the principal and the deans of the faculties, research centers and deanships and specialized secretarial with the different executive departments related to them.

The administrative system comprises of the following:

The University Council:

Is an independent Council formed by a decree issued by the president of the republic chancellor of the University, under the law of the University of Kordofan in 1990 modified in 1995.

The Sensate includes forty members who possess high scientific expertise and administration experience. The Council‘s duty is to oversee the policies and plans of the University in accordance with the law regulating the higher education and scientific research.

These duties can be summed up as follows: scientifically in the areas of education, finance and administration.

  1. To develop policies that improves the performance in the University.
  2. To discuss, approve and submit the annual budget to the National Council for higher education and follow up it’s executed.
  3. To develop plans and budget of University progress.
  4. To approve the recommendations of the Senate concerning constructing colleges, schools, institutes and wards in the University hospitals or any consulting firms. The Council has the right to cancel modify or transfer locations of the mentioned constructions as recommended by the Senate.
  1. To recommend to National Council for Higher Education. The status of the conditions and regulations of the qualifications required for the admission to the University
  2. To determine the number of students and their specializations in frame work of e national policy in accordance with the criteria established by the National Council for Higher Education concerning the tuition and fees.
  3. To create a functional structure for employs and to eliminate jobs and propose the conditions of appointment and promotions concerning jobs in accounting.
  4. To approve the annual report presented by the Vice Chancellor concerning the scientific, administrative and financial performance of the University.
  5. To accept donations, endowments, bequest and to decide areas of disposition without violating the objectives of the University and the terms of the donor.
  1. To increase and invest the University’s funds, to regulate accounts to verify financial procedures according to the financial system of the state.
  2. The University Senate is responsible to the University Chancellor, through the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on the performance activities. The Senate meets twice a year to accomplish assigned works. The President of the Senate is entitled to call for urgent meeting whenever he receives a request from the
  3. Vice- Chancellor or the majority of the council members asking for urgent session.

Panel of honor of the Presidents of the University Councils: 







Dr. Marshal Abdurrahman M.Suar Addahab (Former President of Sudan)




19.4 Years


Mulana Mohammed Ali (Former Minister  of Justice)



up to now