Historical Background

  1. North Kordofan State is one of the eighteen states of the Republic of Sudan, located in the center of the country. The capital city, Elobeid, is regarded as one of the major cities in Sudan in terms of its economical importance and being a point linking all parts of Sudan.
  2. These characteristics prompted Mr. Fatih Ahmed al-Nour owner and editor of Kordofan first regional newspaper in Sudan , 1945 to submit a proposal to the Board of the Directorate of Kordofan at that time, to adopt the idea of ​​the second University of Sudan in Elobeid as requested by the late Major General Mohamed Talaat Fareed, Minister of Education in 1962 . They proposed the buildings of Khor Taggat Higher Secondary School (11 Km East Elobeid) to host the university. The Council of the Directorate approved the proposal and submitted it to the minister who endorsed it. However, this proposal was not materialized.
  3. In 1973, Arquette Annual Conference, annually organized by the University of Khartoum, to discuss general issues of Sudan was held in Khor Taggat Secondary School. Professor/ Mostafa Hassan Ishag, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Khartoum at that time, suggested that Taggat Secondary School could be promoted to accommodate university colleges. Al-Sahafa daily newspaper documented the idea in a full page.
  4. In 1981, former Sudanese President Marshal / Jaafar Mohammed Nimeiri , declared the inception of University of Sudan in Elobeid and nominated Prof. Ibrahim Desogi as the first Vice-Chancellor who started his job from the Follow-up Office of Kordofan Region in Khartoum. Due to budget limitations, the idea was not accomplished from 1981 till February 1990 .
  5. In Feb. 4 , 1990 , the late Major General / Zubair Mohammed Salih, Vice-President of the Council of the National Salvation Revolution, and Supervisor of Higher Education visited Agricultural Research Station in Elobeid in the framework of the preparations for the peace and development in Kordofan scheduled in March 1990. The buildings of Agricultural Research Station (ARC) drew his attention towards transforming them into a nucleus for the proposed University of Kordofan.
  6. The ARC researchers headed by Dr. Osman Adam Osman, prepared an adequate memo listing the potential of human and material resources upon Maj. Gen. Zubair’s request.
  7. The memo confirmed the availability of qualified cadres of PhD, M.Sc. and Diploma degrees in various disciplines of agricultural and animal sciences. These were considered besides a station hall that can accommdate (200) students in addition to farms and nurseries of an area of ​​650 feddans together with animal fences, campus houses, offices, restrooms, equipped workshops, vehicles, library and computer lab.
  8. Based on the existing potentials, the President Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir, issued the Decree of Establishing the University of Kordofan, on March 24, 1990, at the closing session of the Conference of Peace and Development in Kordofan within the context of Higher Education Revolution.


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