The Vice Chancellor

The Vice of the University (the president of Sudan) appoints on the recommendation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research a Vice Chancellor with high scientific qualifications for the duration of four years that can be renewed.

Responsibilities and Authorization of the Vice Chancellor.

He is in charge of the scientific and executive performance of the University. The law defines the authority he is entitled to as follows:

  1. To rationalize the scientific, educational, administrative and financial performance of the University and to improve the concept, methods and to devise ways and means to ensure the optimum utilization of the University potential, according to the policy set by the University Council.
  2. To maintain discipline in the University.
  1. To preside the Senate and committees under it and to appoint promote the University staff.
  2. To represent the University and address bodies and other entities on to behalf of the University.
  3. To submit a comprehensive report to the University Council about the scientific, administrative and financial performance. The report can be published after the approval of the council.
  4. To forward to the University Council a request for issuing the statues of the basic system. The Vice Chancellor may also request the council to issue any regulations if necessary.

Panel of honor of the Vice Chancellor of the University of Kordofan:

No. Name From To Duration
1. Prof. Ghaboosh Aldawi 26/3/1990 7/9/1991 1.5 Years
2. Prof. Altaj F.Abdurraheem 11/11/1991 11/3/1997 5.3 Years
3. Prof. Osman A.Osman 12/3/1997 19/6/2005 8.5 Years
4. Prof. Ahmad A.Almardy 19/6/2005 13/13/2011 4.3 Years
5. Prof. Mishaal A.Salih 13/13/2011 4/11/2012 1.6 Years

Prof. Ahmad A.Ajabaldoor

4/11/2012 20/8/2017  4.8 Years
7. Prof. Mohamed El Nour Taha 20/8/2017 Upto Now