The University of Kordofan (Arabic: جامعة كردفان ) (informally Kordofan University) is one of the largest universities in Sudan located in El-Obied 560 Km to the southwest of Khartoum. It was founded in 1990. University of Kordofan is recognized as one of the top universities in Sudan.

El-Obeid is located  (650 Km) southwest Sudan Capital city Khartoum. The area of Kordofan has a fragile natural resource base. Desertification and soil degradation are very active and of a large influence of people livelihood in the area.

The Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies represent the first instituion that established, followed by The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. With all this options tats why is the university of kordofan is one of the best universities in Sudan.