University of Kordofan

The principal of the University:

The president of the University Senate appoints the Principal from the University staff or a senior administrator on the recommendation of the Vice- Chancellor for duration of 4 years.

The Principal’s tasks:

  1. He is responsible for the administrative and financial performance before the Vice - Chancellor.
  2. He is entrusted with the seal of the University and should keep a record of all the properties of the University.

Panel of honor of the Principals of the University of Kordofan:

No. Name From To Duration


Ustaz/Hamadt Allah A.Altahir 15/2/1991 31/1/1998 7 Years


Dr. Kamal Moh. Khier 1/2/1998 16/7/2002 4.5 Years


Dr. Mishaal A. Salih 17/7/2002 18/3/2006 3.7 Years


Dr.Alsiddeeg Moh.Albasha 18/3/2006 22/6/2010 4.3 Years


Dr.Tarig Elshiekh Mahmoud 22/6/2010 22/6/2014 4.3 Years


Dr. Abdoalrhman Elshreef Hammad 22/6/2014   Upto Now