University of Kordofan

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مدخل جامعة كردفان

The University's Main Gate

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من تاريخ الجامعة

A historical Event

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الجامعة والمجتمع

The university & The Community

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مسجد الجامعة

The university's Masjid

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معامل الحاسوب

The university's Computer Labs

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مجلس عمداء جامعة كردفان يشيّد بانجازات البروف عجب الدور وطه يؤكد على ريادة الجامعة ومواصلة مسيرتها التعليمية

In 1973, Arkawit conference (annual conference organized by University of Khartoum) was held in Khor Taggat, the University vice chancellor Mr. Mostafa Hassan Ishag, mentioed that Khor Taggat suitable to be a University compas.

In 1981 the president with his excellency Jaafar Mohamed Nimairi announced the approval of University of Sudan in El Obeid and he nominated Prof. Ibrahim El Disougi as the vice chancellor.

In 1990 Deputy presidient LIWA El Zubair Mohamed Salih, the supervisor of higher education, discuss the possibility of using the assets of El Obeid Agricultural Research Station to start the proposed Kordofan University.

The team of the station headed by the Director; Dr. Osman Adam Osman have prepared detailed report about the potentialities of the station interms of specialized staff, lecture theature, laboratory, Nursery and demonstration farm, in addition to library, mechanical workshop, computer lab, offices, houses and guest house.

These assets were quite enough for the university to start the intake of students for the first patches, so the country president Omer Hassan El Bashier announced the approval for establishment of the University of Kordofan in 24th March 1990.

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